cloud storage & secure backup

Cloud Storage & Secure Backup

Here is Why Securing Your Data in the Cloud is the Top Priority

A company’s productive workflow hinges on the reliability of its backup systems. In the IT world, unpredictable and erratic errors can often lead to the loss of data, often causing devastating blows to both large, and small enterprises. Depending on your business requirements, the costs of maintaining servers and keeping a site up and running can be massive. Cloud computing is your solution to saving cost, increasing productivity, bettering security and helping your company strive. To help you stay ahead, GenX provides Secure Cloud Storage and Backup Processing services specifically tailored to the specific IT needs of your company’s technical infrastructure.

How Will You Benefit from Switching to Cloud?

Go Remote

Cloud storage means your workforce can access documents and trade files from anywhere on the planet at any hour of the day. You might see an increased productivity as workers build out spaces that are better catered to their individual needs. You’ll also be able to pull from a worldwide talent pool, having access and the ability to accommodate talented employees from virtually anywhere in the world.

Save Money

If you can outsource server maintenance to a hosting company, you’ll see lots of added benefits. You will be able to offload the burden of replacing old or faulty hardware while constantly maintaining it. You’ll no longer have to pay the electric bill for those servers either. One of the biggest cloud storage benefits is the ability to get high-quality server maintenance from experts, without having to hire them full-time. Even if you don’t have intense server needs, cloud storage could be a major win for your SME.

Enhance Customer Relations

Provide a secure solution for sharing data and documents with clients. Instead of giving them access to your on-site servers, you can create specialized access points for your clients that is designed for ease of use. Cloud communications are a great alternative to securely sharing file attachments or documents. It helps limit the size of your outbound emails while letting clients access documents under their own conditions. All files will be at one access point, encrypted and secure.

Save Space

Whether you are opening up a new office, or trying to make room in your current one, you will never have to worry about losing your data infrastructure. Planning on moving to a new location? Just plug in your router when you’re working from a cloud. You could move your offices to anywhere in the world and your data would stay in one central location. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to open up extra floor space in the office, making room for employee break space, more desks, and other amenities.

Enhanced Data Security

Data backup is essential to the safety and security of any company’s assets. Whether you’re storing customer data, credit card information, or company’s financial information, companies need to manage and maintain data backups. Your backups ensure that in the case of any problems or a server attack, you don’t lose or compromise mission critical information. In the case of a server failure, the resource costs of having to backtrack several weeks of work can be extremely high for small businesses.

In addition, no matter how well-trained your security technicians are, small businesses often do not have the resources to protect and react to major cyber-attacks. While you might be immune to brute force attacks, wide-ranging malware that infects machines on-site could be fatal to a small business. Having your cloud storage managed means that there will be backups of backups to make sure that you never lose a file.


The time, money, and energy you’ll save by no longer having to worry about your company’s data storage and security makes cloud storage worthwhile.

The GenX Careforce IT service team is dedicated to the provision of superior secure cloud backup process engineering services for your company using our tried and thorough methodologies. We begin by identifying inefficiencies in your current procedures, before designing an informed plan to improve your current backup infrastructure.

Through our exhaustive and complete processes, you can rest assured that your data will always be stored securely and reliably. Contact us today for more information or to get started.