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The Benefits of the VoIP Phone Systems

Businesses large and small can benefit in very tangible and dynamic ways by implementing a VoIP system. Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony systems are an invaluable communication technology for any size enterprise. Often, it not only acts as the heart of an organization’s customer relations and communication, but also plays a significant role in the communications between employees, employers, and business partners. In many instances, modern telephony systems serve as a foundation of unified communications, binding and including voice, instant messaging, teleconferencing and video conferencing services.

Aging telephone system hardware or inefficiencies in the hierarchy of information transfer can lead to major slowdowns of company productivity, as well as loss of revenue due to inadequate quality, and costly maintenance. VoIP telephony systems provide nearly instant return on investment (ROI) for smart and medium businesses.

We help you realize significant saving, while ensuring customer satisfaction, using the following, proven 5-step approach:

  1. Planning and Assessment
  2. Cost Analysis
  3. Long Distance Requirements
  4. Audio and Video Conferencing
  5. Implementation and Training

Why Should I Switch to VoIP Telephony?

Reduced Costs

Traditional phone lines and phone systems are expensive to install and maintain. You have to pay ongoing monthly local charges and long-distance charges. You have to deal with costly, unnecessary extra fees and telecom regulations. VoIP telephony generally cuts those costs in half. The more phones you use in your company, the greater the savings.

Technology Integration

Allow all your employees to be more productive by utilizing modern tools that they use on a daily basis. VoIP phone systems will help you avoid:

  • Multiple logins
  • Excessive multi-tasking
  • Wasted time
  • Forgotten/ delayed tasks
  • Unhappy customers

With VoIP telephony, you can integrate all the common tools that streamline business operations, which in return will allow your employees to get more done with their time.

These include:

  • Email
  • Efax
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • And more

Create multiple email accounts. Automatically route faxes to a team to process in the order received. VoIP software can even integrate with many customer relationship management systems (CRM) for better data-collection and relationship management.

Gain Flexibility

VoIP adapters can go virtually anywhere, allowing your employees and executives to communicate when they are away from the desk, especially when travelling. VoIP is much cheaper than using a cell phone and can be easily connected to external lines in hotels, airports, etc. Employees on vacation will have the ability to forward all of their calls automatically to another teammate to keep your business humming. They will also be able to easily work anywhere they have an Internet connection using softphones, an easy to use software or app.

Improve Productivity

Streamline workflows to maximize use of employee time. Employees can reach each other reliably. Customers can depend on it for clear and dependable communication. Integrated and advanced messaging systems will eliminate time spent on repetitive tasks. Direct calls received during vacation hours will go to voicemail or are forced to call in through the main line, allowing someone else within the company to assist. You can even set up your calls to ring out multiple devices, so you will never have to miss a call or play phone tag again.

Easy to Install, Use & Expand

It’s easy to install with simple, straightforward instructions. Anyone can learn to use it, even the most non-technical employees. They’ll quickly learn how much easier it is to do their jobs with VoIP advanced features. VoIP systems are also the ultimate in scalability. When you’re ready to grow, it grows with you. Instead of installing an entire new traditional analog system that typically costs thousands of dollars, you just increase your capacity, add needed equipment, and grow with the system. Leading business around the globe already opted out for simple and scalable voice over IP phone systems.


Every company is unique. Each organization’s telephony systems requirements are also unique. Therefore, the strategy for improving your telephony systems also require extensive research on the limitations of your current infrastructure. GenX’s process of designing and implementing state-of-the-art telephony systems is both thorough and collaborative.

We begin by conducting a meticulous assessment of your current telephone system hardware before working closely with your company to develop the most appropriate and cost-effective, modern VoIP system. In return it will help you reduce costs and ensure ultimate customer and employee satisfaction. VoIP system are how modern businesses get the job done.

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