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Information Security Services

In the 21st century, information security and data protection of company’s sensitive and personally identifiable information against cyber criminals must be of upmost importance. Because cyberthreats are always evolving towards more dangerous and deceitful methods, your company’s security measures must also constantly keep up for optimal protection. Failure to protect your sensitive information will inevitably result in the trust your customer base places on you being destroyed due to a data breach.


GenX’s team of information security experts has years of experience in developing optimal security solutions for small and medium businesses. As such, we are intensely trained in the combat against both old and new strategies that hackers employ against your sensitive data and infrastructure. Using exhaustive inspection, vulnerability analysis, and design strategies, we work closely with your organization to create impenetrable security plans which are guaranteed to keep your sensitive information safe from hackers and computer viruses alike.


Businesses require more than just hardware installation and technical support. They need total security and peace-of-mind with proactive and corrective security services. GenX managed security service enables businesses without the required in-house resources and expertise to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Our CareForce Managed Security Service includes:

  • Firewall with customized configuration and rules.
  • Secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) for remote access.
  • Intrusion prevention.
  • Threat detection and response.
  • Website tracking and filtering.
  • Reputation monitoring and defense.
  • Email Spam blocking.
  • Anti-virus.
  • Data loss prevention.
  • Complete Application control.

Deploy all of the above for an affordable one-time setup fee and pay for the service monthly. There is no hardware investment or licensing contract to tie you down. You can cancel the service at any time. Our service also includes on-going professional monitoring, maintenance, response, report and updates.


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