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Toronto’s Best IT Help Desk Services

Is your business missing an IT support desk?

If you don’t have a fully functional IT help desk or support desk, your business is not optimized creating unnecessary headaches for management, employees and customers. Your SME can address this deficiency before in becomes a problem, by getting external, expert IT support.

In today’s world driven by information technology, IT Helpdesk is an essential service to ensure that your business is running smoothly. Whether you are a large business, or a small startup, IT is essential to meet the needs of your customers. It’s important to make sure that your employees are productive and satisfied with the technology tools they have to use every day. GenX’s Careforce IT Help Desk and Service Desk team is the eight-time winner of the Consumers’ Choice Gold Award. We apply years of experience in the industry to provide your business with the fastest, most efficient, versatile and cost effective technical support possible.

Our complete Help Desk solution is not only reliable, but also highly accessible and scalable. Our expert support team proactively monitors your infrastructure, performs timely upgrades, and works hard to ensure that all threats are stopped before crossing your company’s doors.

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Importance and Benefits of Having an IT Support Desk

Whether you are a company of 300, or of 3 employees, having an IT support desk is crucial. Where larger businesses may have an on-site IT team, smaller companies can benefit from having a relationship with an off-site vendor. This still provides the benefits of IT but mitigates the associated fixed costs related to the in-house staffing and on-going HR management.

Key benefits include:

Information Security

It’s almost a weekly occurrence; a company announcing a “data breach.” The data breach coverage quickly expands to the web and the mainstream media outlets. At this point, we’ve almost all been touched by cyber-criminals stealing our personal information. Despite popular belief, this isn’t just an issue faced by large corporations. SMEs are a substantial target, if not the largest target since cyber criminals know that SMEs may not be adequately protected, making them an easy target. You may think that the information you have isn’t really “important” to anyone and not worth stealing, but cybercriminals think otherwise. Information in the world of cybercrime is currency.

An IT support desk can help your company navigate these murky waters efficiently and effectively, patching holes in your security systems before cyber thieves can exploit them.


Running a successful business is a 24-hour proposition in this global, highly competitive marketplace. You have team members working on files, logging in to multiple systems, and managing relationships with clients every minute of the day.

When their equipment slows down or stops responding, they have systems issue, or need some networking or connectivity help during normal business hours or afterhours, they should not have to wait until an IT associate gets to them in the morning. Sometimes a need can wait, but when it can’t, an on-call IT support desk is crucial to the success of your company.

Stress Relief for Employees and Management

IT issues are stressful because they affect so many aspects at the company at once. When you get an unqualified staffer attempting to use YouTube to fix technology or readjust network settings, you run the risk of making a bad situation worse.

IT issues can be costly, but a poor solution could make an IT issue a real and expensive problem. That can be catastrophic to many businesses based upon business impact.

Spending money to avoid and prepare for IT needs and solutions now can result in long-term cost savings, and less stress on you, the business manager, and on your employees.

Why GenX?

GenX Solutions pledges to provide our customers with ongoing help desk support, and always delivers this promise with honour. Our seasoned and ever-growing team of IT professionals guarantee fast and reliable help desk services for any issue that you may encounter. You will never be stuck with slow or broken computers or outdated software. Your non-technical staff will never have to drop their priorities to find solutions. When stresses and emotions are running high, we will be there to put your mind at ease.

Call us today and receive a guaranteed response time suitable for your business. Looking for proactive monitoring and instant IT expert response? We got you covered.

Our support team isn’t just accessible and highly scalable; they are also highly adaptable. In addition to standard over-the-phone technical support services, we also provide remote-desktop assistance, and deploy our technicians to your premises for on-site support and user training, to provide in-person support for more pressing issues. Meet the team that will solve your computer problems today.

Our Help Desk Services Include

  • Available, guaranteed 30-minute response time
  • Reliable and fast assistance for any IT troubleshooting need
  • Varied troubleshooting assistance methods, including telephone assistance, remote-desktop connection, and in-person expert support
  • Instant messaging services through our main website for immediate technical support
  • Booking services by either calling or emailing us and via our headquarters location in Toronto, Ontario
  • Constantly updated news posts, and employee productivity tips and tricks on our main webpage
  • Broad geographical coverage across Canada and the US

IT Support provides a holistic approach to your digital positioning and allows for you to solely focus on developing your business. Luckily, we’re here to help your company find cost effective IT solutions.

When you’re ready to talk in more detail about your specific situation, we’re ready to help you figure out the solution, the GenX Solution.