To counter the unpredictability of I.T. storage failures, backup process engineering uses the design of preventive measures to both mitigate potential data loss, and improve efficiency of the process of information recovery. This is often accomplished by the setup of various methods of data protection and recovery, ranging from on-site backups, to off-site cloud storage of data. Each method has its own strengths and weaknesses, and as such the most difficult aspect of such design is the decision on the most effective methods to employ.

This is where GenX’s thorough and meticulous process shines in comparison to its competitors. Our team of seasoned I.T. professionals have developed a critical eye when analyzing pressing issues and risks in your company’s current backup procedures. We strive to use our developed skills to assist your company in identifying the most important holes in your company’s I.T. protocols. Then using this information we are able to design customized and thorough backup plans tailored specifically to your individual company’s unique needs and restrictions.

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