How Can The Cloud Help Your Small Business Grow?

Around 92% of Canadian companies have adopted cloud computing in one way or another.

Switching to cloud services can be a big step for small businesses that rely on traditional solutions. But cloud computing can help you discover exciting new technologies that streamline your operations, save money, and ultimately grow your enterprise.

How? Let’s find out.

Empower Staff With the Latest Solutions to Boost Your Productivity

Remote working became critical for countless businesses during the pandemic crisis. Thirty-two percent of Canadian employees worked mainly from home in January 2021, compared with just 4% in 2016.

The proliferation of cloud-based solutions enabled companies to switch to an efficient remote working model with little preparation time. And your employees can continue to leverage cloud services to work from home or anywhere else with an internet connection long after the pandemic ends.

Easy accessibility can increase your workers’ productivity and allow them to complete work on a more flexible schedule. Research has found that 90% of employees feel their productivity has either improved or stayed the same since they started working from home at the start of the pandemic.

And cloud computing can boost productivity by introducing your staff to new tools that help them work more efficiently and effectively — wherever they are.

Increase Collaboration and Improve Company Culture

Cloud computing brings employees together inside and outside the office through the latest collaboration tools.

Online word-processing platforms, for example, allow coworkers to write and edit documents together in real-time. Employees all over the world can contribute to reports, pitches, and more without sending emails back and forth.

As a result, you can avoid wasted time and confusing email conversations while cultivating a closer bond between team members. This leaves your employees with more time to invest in other tasks — helping your business to achieve higher productivity and efficiency to drive growth.

Increasing collaboration can also contribute to a stronger company culture and employee engagement. According to Gallup, workers who feel more engaged are up to 17% more productive and more likely to stay with their current employer.

That means cloud computing could reduce employee turnover, and the associated costs of hiring and training new staff.

Protect Client Data to Offer Better Security and Improve Your Reputation

Reputable cloud service providers invest in state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data. And so you can provide your clients with the peace of mind they need to trust your business with their information.

Clients may be more likely to choose your company than competitors that depend on more outdated technologies. Satisfied clients could become advocates for your business, too: they may refer associates to you and help you grow.

Another benefit of secure cloud storage is that your files will be kept on remote servers. You won’t need to rely on traditional on-site storage solutions that could become damaged or experience technical issues.

There’s less risk of losing important work and causing frustrating delays or disruptions.

Clients that receive quality service, and recognize your commitment to delivering a consistently positive experience, may help your reputation grow — and your company along with it.

Automate Tasks to Save Time

Adopting cloud technology opens the door to new automation tools that streamline processes, reduce the amount of manual input required in repetitive tasks, and free up more time.

Employees can take advantage of automation to handle a wide range of tasks (such as distributing marketing emails or posting social media updates) while they focus on their core duties.

You can plan marketing campaigns in advance and schedule messages to be delivered to audiences on specific dates.

Other tasks ripe for automation include:

  • Backing up data to the cloud for extra security and convenient remote access
  • Sending invoices/bills
  • Generating and nurturing leads
  • Interacting with customers (via chatbots)
  • Recruiting new staff

Automation can help you build a more productive, efficient team that accomplishes more in less time. You may be able to take on more clients, offer more services, and steadily grow your company.

Save Money on Hardware and Overheads

Embracing cloud computing services can help your business cut down on the expense of upgrading your hardware, updating to new software packages, and performing maintenance/repairs.

For example, cloud storage relies on remote servers, so you won’t need your own on-site storage technology. And cloud service providers will update software as required to deliver the best user experience, security, and new features.

All this combines to save you money on some of the overheads that businesses have had to factor into their budgets for decades.

You can invest these savings into various areas of your business to fuel growth — expand your office, find new premises, or make new hires.

Cloud computing also helps you save money through tailored services: you’ll only pay for what you need and use. You won’t waste funds on equipment or software that’s unnecessary to your operations.

Cloud services are scalable, too: you can add to your configuration as necessary to accommodate growth. Create the ideal setup based on your current workload and add extra storage or services when you need them. You don’t need to find an entirely new set of options as your requirements change.

Grow Your Small Business With GenX’s Cloud Computing Services

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