Per Incident Technical Support: 5 Reasons Your Business Needs It

A technical incident can strike without warning and cause serious disruptions to your operations at any time.

This could involve a cyber attack, malfunctioning hardware, or any other problem that prevents your team achieving goals. You might miss deadlines, frustrate users, lose out on sales, and ultimately chase clients away to competitors. All from a single incident.

You could be tempted to address the situation in-house and assign your IT support staff to root out the incident’s cause. And yes, they may have the skills, experience, and technical resources to resolve the issue.

But they might not.

In the process of trying to make the issue go away, your support team would also be unavailable to help your employees with smaller tasks. This could create further problems down the line.

That’s why professional IT support is a fantastic option for businesses, but what if you don’t want to commit to an ongoing arrangement? What if you’d prefer to deal with one incident at a time instead?

Per iIncident technical support might be the ideal solution for you. Here’s why.

Receive expert assistance without being tied into a contract

Contracts are part and parcel of running a business. You probably have one for your premises. For your cleaning services. For your equipment suppliers. For your outsourced admin team.

The list goes on and on and on.

You might even feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of contracts connecting your business with another. You may want to scale back on signing for long-term deals as much as possible.

Fortunately, a per incident technical support service offers professional help without tying you to a quarterly or annual contract. You’re not obligated for anything outside of that incident resolution.

You make the call in an emergency, speak to a friendly specialist, and enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your issue will receive close attention from a dedicated team. You’ll just focus on running your company and managing your workforce as usual while the experts handle the issue.

It’s that simple. 

Get a guaranteed fast response in a technical emergency

Time is of the essence (to coin a very dramatic phrase) when a technical issue has the potential to make a negative impact on your operations.

An incident might occur without warning, but you need the quickest response to minimize any damage it may cause. Your in-house support technicians may be unable to handle the problem, or could become overwhelmed when tackling related issues.

But with per incident technical support service from GenX, you’re guaranteed a 30 minute response on the issues submitted. And we have an impressive 95% Tier 1 resolution rate.

Our diagnostic services with associated resolution paths empower us to solve any technical incident and help you get back on track quickly.

Combined, these make GenX’s per incident technical support the only solution you need in an emergency.

Add to your own technical support team

You could have the best technical support team working hard in your office every day. But they may have one too many tasks to juggle at times, whether that means installing new software on every computer, providing staff training, or assessing cybersecurity threats on top of daily duties.

Your support staff can only do so much. And they may lack the specialized knowledge, tools, or time to handle certain incidents effectively.

Per incident technical support is a simple way to augment your existing support team with industry certified technicians and resolution paths. We’ll leverage cutting-edge technologies and diagnostic tools to determine the most effective path to success.

Your on-site technicians will have the support or space they need. Whichever matters most.

Pay an affordable price for exceptional solutions

Almost two in three (64%) small businesses in Canada have struggled with cash flow problems. This can lead to major losses, leave them unable to pay suppliers/vendors, and ultimately put their future at risk.

With this in mind, it’s understandable that it might be difficult to find money in your budget for ongoing managed services, but if you cut corners with your IT infrastructure and try to tackle every incident independently, you could leave your company highly vulnerable to severe disruptions.

This is why per incident technical support is such a powerful service.

You can take advantage of specialist assistance without the stress of yet another regular payment. GenX offers one of the best price points in the industry for this service, bringing you unbeatable value for money.

Get expert advice to prevent repeat incidents

Part of our dedicated per incident technical support service is helping you understand why a problem occurred. We don’t just solve the issue and provide no insight into the cause.

We want you to recognize what actions might have triggered the incident, to mitigate the risk of it happening again.

This might require you to take certain actions. For example, if a cyber attack causes a data breach and sensitive information is almost exposed, you’ll need to consider steps to prevent similar problems.

Implementing better cybersecurity measures and offering staff training to boost awareness of potential dangers, to name just two.

Alternatively, you may wish to assess your current IT infrastructure to identify exploitable weaknesses. Upgrading or overhauling your technical systems can reinforce your business with the latest hardware and software. Security, productivity, and other areas of running a successful company could all improve.

So, whether you have a new or persistent issue that you want trustworthy experts to look into, take advantage of per incident technical support today.

GenX’s per incident technical support is just one of the many services we provide. Our fast responses and unparalleled commitment to quality have benefited countless businesses across the Greater Toronto Area.

We’re here to help you now, whether you need our help desk, cloud computing, information security, cloud storage & secure backup, or any of our other services.

Speak with one of our specialists for more information on our per incident technical support now!

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