Secure Data Backup: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Data loss is a risk no business can afford to take. Even the biggest brands in the world have to implement effective data backup to defend against potential cybersecurity breaches or disasters.

Even if you’ve considered data backup for your SME, the process of actually setting it up can be daunting. We know it’s not easy to find the time. You’re trying to drive your team to greatness, secure conversions, and so on.

But it’s crucial that you dedicate time to setting up data backup for your business sooner rather than later. And here are five reasons why.

Save money over time

The average cost of a data breach for companies and organizations in Canada exceeds $6m. More than 40 percent of the country’s breaches were the result of malicious attacks, while 35 percent arose from system glitches.

The average SME could face devastating fallout from a data breach that exposes sensitive data related to payroll, employee details, customer transactions, etc. That’s why 60 percent of small companies shut their doors within six months of being hacked.

Customers may lose faith in your business if a hacker accesses their personal information and/or payment details. They trust your team to keep this data private and secured. A breach could prompt them to question how vigilant your business is — and whether your competitors perform better.

But with a secure backup service, your data will be protected externally even in the face of severe technical problems or attempted attacks. Your files will be backed up continuously to ensure they remain accessible from any computer (provided you have the right logins).

This reduces the potential expense caused by backtracking work, rebuilding your infrastructure, and losing customers.

Protect against unforeseen disasters

One of the biggest dangers of relying on on-premise data storage exclusively is losing everything because of a disaster.

This could be anything from an electrical fire or a flood to a gas explosion. You never know when such a terrifying situation can arise. And that’s why it’s so important to back your data up in an external space.

So, even if your hard drives, servers, and computers are destroyed in a fire, your team will still be able to get right back to work the next day. Sure, they might need to work from home for a while, but they’ll have access to all the files they need thanks to secure data backup.

If a disaster were to strike your business, you’ll be free to focus on keeping your team operating at its best and making your premises safe again. Outsourcing backup to a professional service ensures your data is always in good hands, and ready whenever you need it.

Be prepared for human errors

Everyone makes mistakes, for many reasons. Maybe you haven’t slept so well. Maybe you feel a little off and can’t focus as well as you usually do. Maybe you’re trying to juggle five tasks and hit the wrong button at the wrong time.

Whatever the cause, even a tiny mistake can lead to serious consequences. One of your employees could damage a server or misplace a flash drive carrying crucial data. A contractor working in your building might break a hard drive packed with customer records.

As genuine as any of these (and countless other) mistakes may be, they could set you back weeks, months, even years. But with secure data backup, any misplaced or deleted files can be accessed again within minutes.

Safeguard against ransomware

Ransomware has become increasingly common worldwide. So common, in fact, that they cost Canadian businesses and organizations an eye-watering $2.3bn in 2019.

These attacks are designed to lock businesses out of their own networks until the hacker receives a ransom. And even if companies agree to pay the fee, the individuals responsible may still choose to leave affected networks encrypted. That prevents companies from actually accessing their crucial files again.

Falling victim to a ransomware attack could lead to costly downtime, fracture your relationships with clients, and damage your reputation. Implementing the latest security solutions and adopting a more proactive approach are vital to reduce the risk of ransomware.

Secure data backup allows you to restore your data from before your network became encrypted and keep working with minimal disruption. Your data is stored in the cloud, outside of your network, for reliable protection. You would have no need to pay a ransom at all in some cases.

Gain a competitive edge and reassure customers

Outsourcing your data backup to a team of IT experts can help your business gain a competitive edge over others that rely on traditional data storage solutions. They may fall prey to hackers or natural disasters. Months of hard work could be lost if their on-premise storage is stolen or destroyed.

But your business can reassure clients that their data will be in safe hands, and your services will remain operational no matter what. That’s a major advantage, especially if they depend on your products or solutions for their own livelihoods.

As data backup services are scalable, your files will stay secure as your SME continues to grow. No matter how many more clients you win, no matter how many other branches you open, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is continuously backed up, ready for fast recovery.

It’s clear that data backup should be a priority for businesses on all scales. You can save money on rebuilding your infrastructure from scratch and losing customers. You can recover your data in the event of a disaster that destroys your on-premise storage. It’s a simple, convenient way to avoid potential human and natural risks.

GenX’s Careforce IT service team has years of invaluable experience delivering secure data backup solutions for businesses throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We’ll work with you to identify your goals and requirements. We’ll secure your data with our proven methods, leveraging the latest technologies and techniques.

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