Efficiency of communication is in direct relation to a company’s overall effectiveness. As such, holdups within an organization’s flows of information inevitably lead to blockages of productivity. Telephony systems do not only include technical infrastructure that at company uses, however, but also the organization of information transfer in both internal and external company communications. For instance, in the customer re-directory systems.


GenX designs and deploys complete and customized telephone systems for your company’s individual needs. By first becoming wholly informed about your organization’s informational and financial requirements, we are then able to implement the most appropriate features into your new systems, including voice control interfaces, direct inward dialing services, and conference call capabilities. Finally, not only do we completely install all required hardware and software on-site, but our technician staff ensure that your company is well acquainted with the new equipment through employee training sessions. And, like always, GenX promises to provide ongoing and reliable support services to all our customers.



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