Most companies rely on information technology to some extent, whether for handling their accounts, communicating with clients, or delivering their core products and services.

However, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is always running smoothly can be a time-consuming, complex process. And as a manager or business owner, you will already have enough to handle without trying to fend off an IT problem that could cause major disruptions.

But you can make things easier by partnering with a managed service provider (MSP). An MSP offers a variety of specialist IT services to businesses in diverse sectors, tailored to suit your operations, systems, budget, and objectives.

They can assess your current IT infrastructure, determine what works and what doesn’t, and implement the necessary changes to cultivate real improvements. 

What IT Services Can Be Managed by Specialists?

MSP offer various managed IT services, including:

Hardware and Software Installation to Bring You the Best Value for Money

Investing in new hardware and software can significantly improve your productivity, performance, and efficiency. It’s no surprise that more than $24 billion was spent on software in Canada during 2021 alone.

However, with the sheer wealth of options on the market, choosing new products can be tough. What computers will suit your employees best? Which offers better value for money? And how should they be installed for quality performance and safety?

An MSP will answer these questions for you. They will help you find the best hardware and software, install it for you, and troubleshoot any issues.

Security Solutions to Keep Your Business Safe

Cybersecurity threats like ransomware, DDoS attacks, and phishing scams all pose a serious threat to businesses of all sizes. But they can be particularly dangerous to SMEs with limited budgets and weak security.

A hacker may be able to get around your outdated firewall or guess your passwords for a file containing sensitive data before you realize it. And that could put some of your most important information in the wrong hands.

Implementing the right security solutions to protect your business is vital — and your company will receive better protection if you leave it to an MSP.

GenX’s CareForce Managed Security Service includes intrusion prevention, email spam blocking, data loss prevention, firewall with bespoke configuration, and more.

Cloud Computing for Remote Accessibility and Online Solutions

Embracing cloud services is a must in an age when employees want to work from home more often. You can provide your workforce with the flexibility to work remotely while still collaborating with colleagues, interacting with customers, and completing all the tasks they would if they were sitting at one of your desks instead of their own.

Other benefits of cloud computing include having access to online storage (see below), only paying for what you use, and easier scalability. Find out more about cloud computing.

Cloud Storage and Secure Backup to Reduce Risk of Data Loss

If you rely on traditional data storage, a cyber attack could infect your systems and prevent you from accessing crucial files on a temporary or permanent basis. Any delays in delivering the products or services customers expect could damage your reputation and revenue flow.

But with cloud storage and secure backup from an MSP, you’ll be able to restore data quickly in an emergency. IT specialists will set you up with the right cloud storage and secure backup to facilitate reliable, convenient business continuity.

Help Desk Support to Fix Your Problems Faster Than Ever

Huge companies may have the budget to have a dedicated team of IT specialists operating in-house, but small- and medium-sized businesses don’t have that luxury.

That’s why a high-quality help desk service is a wonderful addition to your setup. You will be able to contact a team of trained, experienced professionals ready to resolve your problems. The best help desk solutions take a proactive approach instead of waiting for you to report issues.

GenX’s Careforce IT Help Desk and Service Desk team will monitor your infrastructure for signs of difficulties, undertake upgrades when necessary, and prevent threats from disrupting your operations. You can contact our help desk via email, phone, or instant messaging for maximum convenience.

What are the Advantages of Managed IT Services?

Save Money

Money can be tight for small and medium businesses, particularly when starting out. You may think that the latest equipment, professional assistance, and dependable security is all beyond your budget.

But the best MSPs will create a tailored package to suit you. You will receive the specialist help you need for a fixed price, and it will be substantially cheaper than hiring a full-time team of on-site IT technicians. That will reduce your risk of overspending on technologies over time.

Decrease the Risk of Downtime

Downtime caused by a cyber-attack, technical fault, or power outage can cost you money. But an MSP will help you avoid downtime through quality security services, network monitoring, on- and off-site assistance, and more.

Avoid Compliance Issues

If your business is required to comply with specific regulations, any compliance oversights could affect clients’ trust and result in legal action, specifically fines.

An MSP will keep track of the compliance rules for your business and sector, and ensure your systems are updated as required to meet regulations.

Focus on Running Your Small or Medium Business Without IT Distractions

Working with an MSP relieves the strain of managing your own IT infrastructure. You can relax and concentrate on making your business the best it can be without trying to understand why your systems aren’t working as efficiently as they should or who to call when a cyber-attack hits.

How Can You Start Working with an MSP Near You?

GenX has been helping small- and medium-sized businesses in the Greater Toronto Area since 1983. Our team has years of hands-on experience and training to keep your systems running smoothly. We offer a comprehensive range of managed IT services ideal for your company.

Get in touch today to find out how we can build the perfect package for you!

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