Why does your business need a VPN?

Virtual private networking (VPN) services have become more popular, and more mainstream, in the past few years.

But while some users take advantage of VPNs to watch Netflix shows that might be unavailable in their own country or to prevent companies tracking them while browsing, these services actually offer a wider range of benefits.

And that’s why they’re a smart investment for businesses of any size.

In this post, we’ll explore the four main reasons why your company needs a business VPN and look at a few factors to consider before setup.

First, though, let’s establish how a VPN works.

What is a business VPN and how does it work?

A VPN is an online security service that encrypts connections between your company’s devices (computers, smartphones, etc.) and a server.

Only authorized users can access your virtual private network, and it allows them to access the programs or applications they need just as they would at the office. When your data is encrypted, it remains secure and private from prying eyes (such as hackers or advertisers using data for targeted promotions).

Four business VPN benefits

Employees can access files from anywhere

One of the chief benefits of migrating to the cloud is flexibility: you can access files from any device with an internet connection. This is a crucial reason why so many businesses were able to keep working during the COVID-19 crisis, when social distancing regulations forced countless offices to close worldwide.

Cloud storage reduces the risk of losing access to invaluable files if you were to misplace a flash drive or a thief stole your laptop. You know you can sign into your account, retrieve the file, and resume work on it right away.

But this hinges on your connection to the cloud. And a business VPN helps you to keep that secure, no matter where you sign in from. Employees can access the resources they need to perform at their best at any time, for maximum convenience.

So, you can offer workers more flexibility in their working habits, stay connected while traveling, and expand your workforce by exploring the global talent pool.

A VPN will improve your security

A solid cybersecurity setup is vital to minimize your business’s risk of attack. Hackers have access to increasingly sophisticated technologies and techniques, helping them to sneak into networks.

Once inside, they can cause severe disruptions that leave companies to pick up the pieces for weeks or even months after.

Hackers may steal sensitive information pertaining to your business, clients, employees, or finances. And clients will likely lose trust in your company and services if they learn of a breach.

A business VPN, though, is a fantastic addition to your cybersecurity setup. It will complement your firewalls, antivirus software, and other measures you have implemented so far.

VPNs deliver end-to-end encryption to defend every bit of data coursing through your connection, significantly reducing the risk of your files falling into the wrong hands. Of course, the privacy of video and VoIP calls will be reinforced too.

Scalable to keep your business protected as it grows

Growing your company involves a certain number of changes. Hiring new staff. Opening new offices. Implementing new processes, new regulations. It can be daunting enough to make you wonder if you actually want to grow at all.

Fortunately, switching business VPNs isn’t something you need to consider they’re scalable, so can grow along with your company.

This means you can keep evolving your operations over time, knowing that your network will remain defended against potential threats.

Scaling your VPN will also be a fairly simple process, so your service provider should be able to accommodate your changing requirements quickly.

Maintain tighter access control

With a business VPN, you’ll be able to maintain tighter control over which employees have access to which files, programs, etc.

This is especially important when you start working with new employees remotely. Even though they’re likely trustworthy, you want to make sure that they only view and/or edit files they have a right to.

However, you may want to change a long-term worker’s access in certain situations. Perhaps they have handed in their resignation letter on bad terms, and you’re concerned about potential sabotage.

You can set up your VPN, or multiple VPNs, to facilitate different employees on your network.

A few factors to consider when implementing a business VPN

We’ve covered four fantastic reasons why your business needs a VPN. Now, we’ll explore some factors to keep in mind when you start using a business VPN for the first time.

Choose a reputable VPN service provider

Research is always essential before you choose any service provider, but particularly one responsible for keeping your business safe and secure.

Take the time to look into providers, their history, their credentials, and their testimonials. Other business-owners and managers may have enjoyed a great experience — or they could offer a warning to look elsewhere.

Compare the setup costs to the price of potential disasters

A business VPN costs money to set up. That’s obvious enough. But this could put you off if you’re working to a tight budget, or if you consider a VPN to be a luxury.

However, these initial expenses are nothing compared to the potential costs of hackers accessing sensitive data or spying on your interactions with clients.

Keep your workforce informed

Make sure you update your employees on the implementation of a business VPN.

They have the right to know how this will affect their work, and what steps they’ll need to take to use the VPN properly.

Setting up a VPN for your business is a big step, and you’re sure to have questions. A reputable provider will help you understand everything it involves from the start.

GenX offers VPN service installation as part of our email and remote connections solutions. We’ll help you achieve the ideal setup for your business, at the right price.

Contact our experienced team to learn more!

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