5 Ways Professional IT Support Helps Your Business Grow

A solid IT infrastructure is crucial to help any business succeed. Everything from customer support and inventory management to social media marketing hinges on an efficient setup. That’s why Canadian companies spent $111bn on IT products and services in 2019.

But while small and medium businesses may manage with a DIY IT infrastructure in their infancy, real growth can only occur with help from dedicated, professional IT support.

Why? Let’s look at five key reasons.

Increase your business productivity

Switching to professional IT support can boost productivity in a number of ways.

First, it enables you to lighten the load on your in-house IT technicians and give them more time to focus on everyday essentials (e.g. helping employees with minor technical issues). They won’t be expected to resolve major problems that threaten to bring your operations to a halt.

Secondly, external IT support reduces the amount of time you and your employees waste during potential downtime. For example, if a hardware fault prevents your team completing crucial tasks, hours or even days of work could vanish. That leaves you all trying to play catch up, while clients may be dissatisfied, and further disruptions could occur.

But with professional IT support, you know you have access to a dedicated team ready to help you in any emergency. You may find per-incident technical support, with no contracts, is a simple place to start your partnership with an IT support firm.

Once you see how efficiently they solve your problem, you might want to try a more permanent arrangement.

Save money to channel back into your growth

Outsourcing your IT support can help your business save money in various ways. And that frees up more funds to invest in your ongoing growth.

One reason is the expert recommendations: a seasoned team will assess your current IT infrastructure and identify the right options for your business goals. They may suggest upgrades to some of your hardware and new software, but only if it’s necessary.

This is a more cost-effective option if you tend to buy certain products because they’re the most expensive on the market or get recommended by certain publications. The best professional IT support team takes the time to understand your business and helps you implement the right solutions for your long-term goals.

Furthermore, if you choose to embrace cloud computing, your workers can access essential software from almost any computer with an internet connection. This reduces the pressure to invest in state-of-the-art hardware and introduces the freedom to work outside the office. You may save more money thanks to lower overheads down the line.

Protect your business from disruptive and expensive cybersecurity threats

Cyber-attacks cost Canadian businesses more than $12 million on average, and 60 percent of small companies shut their doors within six months of a hack.

Obviously, the fallout of being hacked can be devastating.

For one thing, your workforce’s productivity will stall if they’re unable to access their computers or specific tools. For example, ransomware attacks are designed to lock users out of their systems until a specific fee has been paid,

Such monumental disruptions can lead to severe losses: work can’t be completed on time, users will be unable to purchase products or book services, and customers could take their business elsewhere.

Reputational damage is another risk: existing and prospective clients may be put off by news of your business’s security issues. They might worry about the safety of their sensitive data and money.

But professional IT support firms can implement cutting-edge cybersecurity measures to safeguard your company. This reduces the danger of attacks, downtime, reduced productivity, and loss of revenue.

As a result, you can continue to offer a secure client experience and reassure prospects that their information is in safe hands at all times. You may be able to expand your customer base, increase client loyalty, and focus on stable growth while the experts defend your network.

Increase efficiency by identifying easier solutions

Working with providers of professional IT support will help you streamline your business operations by leveraging the best tools and resources.

Certain processes may be unnecessarily complex and time-consuming. Employees might find certain software and processes frustrating, either because of clunky hardware or a lack of knowledge.

But committed IT experts will be able to assess your existing setup to identify simpler options. They may recommend alternative equipment, software, or methods to minimize waste.

This might involve switching to cloud storage rather than on-premise storage, or using cloud computing instead of struggling with temperamental software installations.

The best IT support team will be happy to discuss your goals, expectations, and needs to help your business grow. A few big or small changes here and there could make a huge difference to your success.

Receive fast responses to minimize delays and disruptions

A good IT support firm will run a helpdesk service operated by trained, reliable staff. They will proactively monitor your infrastructure to identify any potential issues before they become real problems. They also will perform upgrades when required, to keep your systems running smoothly.

Expert helpdesk services available with 30-minute response times, for example, guarantee you’ll receive specialist support when you need it. That minimizes the length of any disruptions your business may suffer in the event of a hardware or software failure, or even a cyber-attack.

You will be able to get back up and running before any of your clients notice any issues. As a result, you can focus on building a reputation for consistent quality and stability.

Work will also be less stressful for business owners and managers: you know you can turn to a specialist whenever technical problems emerge, for total peace of mind.

Switching to professional IT support can make a significant impact on your business’s productivity, revenue, reputation, performance, long-term growth, and more. But you need to find the right IT support provider to partner with.

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