VoIP for Your Small Business: 8 Things to Know Before You Try It

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is gaining traction the world over as organizations increasingly embrace cutting-edge communication technologies. More than 3 billion people use VoIP globally, and the mobile VoIP market is expected to be worth more than $183 billion by 2027.

But if you’re not sure why VoIP is worth your time or how it works, you may assume it’s unsuitable for your small business. And you could miss out on a fantastic opportunity.

Below, we’ll delve deep into VoIP to help you understand what it could bring to your business, from saving money to increasing your workforce’s flexibility.

What Does a VoIP System Do?

A VoIP system connects people across the globe just like a traditional phone setup.

But there are some huge differences:

  • VoIP calls rely on the Internet rather than a phone line or network.
  • A VoIP platform translates your analog voice signals into digital signals, before sending them through your connection as data.
  • VoIP brings you a range of functions to suit your preferences, from setting up out-of-hours service assistance to recording calls and beyond.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at 8 of the most important things to consider about VoIP for your small business.

VoIP Can Help You Improve Your Productivity

Improving productivity is a common goal for businesses on all scales, from new startups to international corporations. And the proliferation of productivity software available empowers companies with various solutions to increase workers’ output and improve their performance.

VoIP is a great example.

Why? Because employees can interact with one another faster and more reliably through VoIP. They can utilize calls and messaging to suit variable communication needs.

Another productivity benefit is that you can configure calls to be sent to voicemail or redirected to another worker when employees are absent or on vacation. That reduces potential delays and missed opportunities that can arise when people are unavailable.

VoIP Systems Can Be Integrated With Other Tools

Traditional phone lines limit your options, but VoIP offers the flexibility to integrate your communication system with multiple tools.

You can set up VoIP telephony solutions to complement the technology most small businesses depend on daily, such as email and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms.

For example, a customer service agent can call a prospect directly from the CRM with a click or two instead of dialing the number into their phone first. It’s simpler and reduces the time wasted on repetitive tasks.

VoIP Provides Outstanding Communication Quality

Contacts will have no idea that you’re using VoIP instead of a standard phone line during interactions. But they maynotice the remarkable clarity that the best VoIP systems achieve.

Clarity and strong connections can help your employees communicate with customers, colleagues, and suppliers more smoothly. They’re less likely to experience poor reception, crackling, or other landline issues that can frustrate everyone involved.

VoIP Offers Diverse Functionality

High-quality VoIP telephony systems provide significantly more flexibility than traditional phone setups. Your team will have the freedom to communicate via different channels, such as videoconferencing, efaxes, email, and more.

That means added convenience and user-satisfaction: host one-to-one video chats with clients for more personalized service, set up voice calls with several contacts with ease, and ensure you can provide the high-quality interactions your customers expect.

VoIP is Accessible on Different Devices for Portable Communication

VoIP platforms can be installed on numerous devices:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers

Your workforce will be able to use your VoIP service wherever they are, wherever they go.

That helps when employees need or want to work remotely: you can maintain a well-connected, widely available team — even if they’re scattered worldwide.

And you can forward calls coming into your office number to your smartphone when you’re traveling or working from home, for maximum convenience.

Avoid the frustration of missing important calls or briefing a colleague so they can speak to a particular contact for you. Handle it yourself every time.

VoIP Can Save Your Business Money

Research shows that companies can save a lot of money by switching to VoIP:

  • Up to 90% on international calls
  • Up to 40% on local calls
  • Up to 75% on communication overall

Small businesses typically work to tight budgets and account for every dollar spent. Any solution to cut costs and free up funds to invest into other areas of the business is worth investigating — and VoIP can help you save more money over time.

VoIP is Scalable to Suit Your Small Business as It Grows

Planning to grow your business? Have a strategy to expand your customer base and increase average order value in the next year?

You may worry about the costs of growing your company, but one thing you don’t need to feel stressed over is your VoIP service: they’re scalable so you won’t have to switch to a new provider and get used to an unfamiliar platform.

Your VoIP system will grow with your business quickly and easily. Your provider can add to your current plan and bring you an expanded service without hassle. That leaves you free to focus on other aspects of growing your business.

VoIP is Easy to Set Up and Start Using

Some (or all) of your employees might feel hesitant to try a VoIP telephony system if they’ve only used traditional phone services before. The concept of making calls over the Internet and integrating calls with other tools they rely on can be daunting.

But they have nothing to panic about.

VoIP is accessible and user-friendly enough that everyone can pick it up within a short amount of time. And you’ll receive simple instructions to use your VoIP system from the start, so your team can hit the ground running.

How to Set Up Your VoIP Telephony Service

GenX is here to bring you the ideal VoIP telephony service for your small business.

We’ll assess your current telephone hardware, discuss your goals, and explore as many options as necessary to find you the ultimate cost-effective solution.

To learn more about VoIP with GenX, contact us today!

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