What are the Most Common IT Issues Businesses Experience?

Canada’s IT services market is worth an estimated $25.4 billion, encompassing IT outsourcing, consulting, and cloud services.

Companies use IT services for everything from migrating to the cloud and setting up an effective infrastructure to troubleshooting common technical issues.

Even technical problems that turn out to have an easy solution can severely disrupt a business’s operations, whether it prevents employees from completing core tasks or denies customers services they’ve paid for.

What are some of the most common issues affecting companies? In this post, we’ll look at 8 IT problems that a good technical support provider can solve.

Computers are Slow and Lagging

We all know the frustration of dealing with technology that doesn’t work how we need it to — and one of the worst examples is a computer that slows to an agonizing crawl.

Lagging computers can stop your team from working at their optimal efficiency and cause delays. Businesses may call a technical support company for advice on how to get a slow computer performing at its best again, and an expert team should be able to identify the cause after a little investigation.

Common reasons for lagging include:

  • A lack of hard disk space due to clutter
  • Malware that devours memory and affects performance of programs
  • Overwhelming RAM by running too many programs at the same time

Deleted Critical Files and Need to Get Them Back

Human error is responsible for 90% of corporate data breaches, but employees can also create issues by deleting important files (by accident or design).

A worker can remove a file by tapping the wrong button at the wrong time because they’re distracted, or they could do it intentionally if they bear a grudge against their employer. In any case, deleting files can create serious problems if they’re not backed up.

Technical support specialists may be able to help restore files assumed lost, and recommend precautions (such as embracing cloud storage).

Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi

It’s easy to take a stable Wi-Fi connection for granted, and your business might grind to a stop if you can’t get online (especially if you run an online store).

But you can call a technical support team to get a professional insight. Two possible causes are:

  • The Wi-Fi password has been changed without you realizing
  • The router needs to be replaced

Internet Connection is Slow and Unreliable

Following on from Wi-Fi connection problems, slow internet connections are another common IT issue businesses face.

You may struggle to complete tasks and provide the products or service your customers expect if your internet connection becomes unreliable. That can lead to reputation damage, and loss of customers and revenue.

You might find rebooting the router or moving closer to it helps, but it could be a more complex issue demanding expert technical support.

Hardware is Overheating More Than Usual

You might worry about your computer’s condition and safety if you notice it becoming hotter than it normally does. Overheating can cause your computer to shut down unexpectedly (a disaster if you haven’t saved your work!) or become damaged.

Technical support experts will typically suggest steps you can take to reduce the risk of your hardware overheating to a dangerous degree. Their recommendations may include:

  • Keeping your computer out of direct sunlight as much as possible
  • Position your computer so the fan has space to cool it properly
  • Clean your computer regularly to prevent dust build-up

Forgetting Passwords for Important Accounts

Sixty-five percent of people questioned for a survey admitted that they will forget a password if they don’t write it down, and 57% will forget a new password straight after a reset.

Every technical support provider has received requests for help with forgotten passwords at one time or another. And it’s increasingly important that businesses have a safe, effective method in place for creating secure passwords and updating them frequently.

Cybercriminals can utilize software that cracks passwords and allows perpetrators to access sensitive data. Technical support agents will provide guidance on regaining access to accounts and decreasing the risk of being hacked.

Computers Don’t Recognize USB Devices

We’re all familiar with connecting flash drives or other devices to a computer via a USB port — and so it’s always irritating when it doesn’t work.

You may be unable to access critical documents or media if your USB device fails to function properly. That could derail plans for important presentations, pitches, product updates, and any number of other tasks.

Fortunately, there may be a quick fix, and a trusted technical support provider should have it. It’s always best to go straight to a reliable source than trying to figure the problem out yourself: you could waste precious time chasing solutions.

Unable to Print Documents

Your business may only use printers occasionally when it’s so easy to share and view files on a range of devices. But they’re still vital in any office, particularly when handing out notes for meetings or project briefs.

But companies often call technical support lines for assistance with printer faults, whether the machine refuses to print, computers won’t connect to it, or any other problems that occur.

The solution may be as simple as checking if the cable is connected properly, but it’s easy to overlook that when you’re frustrated.

How Per Incident Technical Support Can Work for Your Business

Want to take advantage of expert technical support without being tied into a contract?

Per incident technical support is ideal.

You can receive professional assistance from a highly trained, experienced team in any IT emergency. Just call your provider when you experience various technical issues and you’ll get the solution without any long-term commitment.

GenX provides comprehensive per incident technical support services and diagnostic services with effective resolution paths. And we guarantee a 30-minute response time on submitted issues for your convenience and peace of mind.

Contact GenX today to learn more about our per services and how they can benefit you!

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