What can an IT Help Desk Service do for Your Business?

IT support is crucial for most businesses. We rely on computers and the internet for so much, from managing customer data and organizing payroll to delivering services.

Technical issues can cause severe disruptions with all-too-real consequences, e.g. your team might be unable to complete the work a client is already waiting for. Multiple delays could be enough to damage both your relationship with them and your chances of securing future sales.

That’s why technical issues affecting hardware and software must be resolved as quickly as possible. And while you may have your own in-house IT technicians, their knowledge will be limited, and they can become overwhelmed when they also have an entire workforce to help.

That’s why an IT help desk service is a fantastic solution for businesses of any size. Let’s explore the main reasons.

Get fast responses in any technical emergency

A quick response is vital when you run into technical problems: the longer they last, the more downtime and performance issues you may experience.

A professional IT help desk service will ensure you get the solutions you need when you need them. Even if it’s only a minor issue, you can enjoy real peace of mind when you know experts are just a phone call or instant message away.

GenX’s IT Help Desk Service is available with a guaranteed 30-minute response time. We’ve worked with many businesses over the years, and our support has helped teams across diverse sectors get back on track fast.

This service covers various assistance methods, from telephone calls and in-person support to remote-desktop connections. We’ll identify your requirements, determine the solution, and put a plan into action.

Maintain your productivity and performance with round-the-clock support

If something goes wrong with your hardware or network, you want to know you can reach out to the professionals at any time, on any day. But some IT support firms may not be available to help exactly when you need it. They may only operate for a few hours each day or have a slow follow-up process.

This is especially problematic if issues strike outside of standard office hours, such as in the dead of night. You may start to receive complaints from customers who can’t access services or complete tasks as required.

And if you don’t know how to fix the issue yourself, you’ll be forced to wait until your local IT support firm opens its doors the next morning.

But not with a 24-hour IT help desk committed to delivering the service every client needs.

You can contact a team of specialists in the morning, afternoon, or night, throughout the week. They’ll help you regain control with simple directions or remote-desktop connections for maximum convenience.

This 24-hour availability reduces the risk of your employees being denied access to essential tools and your customers becoming frustrated.

Empower your in-house technicians with more time to focus on core tasks

You have your own in-house IT technicians?

That’s great. But if you rely on your small team (of one, in some cases) to solve every IT emergency that comes along, they may not have the knowledge, skills, or resources to do so.

And attending to complex situations can leave them with less time to assist your employees with their usual everyday tasks. These might include everything from updating passwords and installing updates to troubleshooting hardware problems.

Leaving your technicians unable to actually handle these smaller jobs may affect your team’s ability to accomplish goals, provide services, and generally maintain the level of productivity required.

Using an IT help desk service instead of relying on your own in-house experts leaves technicians with the time, space, and energy to focus on their core duties. They’ll be free to take unforeseen calls from your staff and concentrate on keeping your systems running smoothly.

Another advantage? You’ll know that you’re dealing with a team of professionals with years of experience and access to the latest resources to resolve any IT problem.

Reduce costs on expensive callouts

If you choose to call an IT support specialist out in an emergency, as a one-off arrangement, they’re likely to charge you a high price. They know you need their help, and they might not be afraid to capitalize on your vulnerability.

The best IT help desk service provides more cost-effective pricing for businesses of all sizes. You can access remote on in-person support at a cost that suits you.

Safeguard your business against cybersecurity risks

Effective cybersecurity is a common concern for businesses worldwide. More than 70 percent of Canadian organizations surveyed have experienced one or more cyber attacks that cost them time, money, and/or resources.

One of the most common forms of cyber attack affecting businesses is ransomware, and experts recently warned that they’re highly likely to remain so in the near future. But there are numerous other threats to combat, including DDoS attacks, phishing scams, and malware.

Companies, particularly startups or small businesses with few employees, may be unable to implement the latest cybersecurity measures to safeguard against dangers. This may be due to a lack of awareness, training, or money.

Whatever the cause, a gap in cybersecurity defenses can leave your business vulnerable to external attacks from cyber criminals. And untrained employees could initiate breaches accidentally if they download infected attachments or click on the wrong links in an email.

Fortunately, a professional IT help desk service will help your business understand the threats you face, and patch holes in your security to prevent attackers taking advantage. This can minimize the risk of:

  • data breaches
  • disgruntled customers
  • fractured trust
  • reputational damage
  • loss of earnings due to downtime

Working with the best IT help desk service in Toronto

GenX’s IT Help Desk Service is the only solution you need.

We offer a guaranteed 30-minute response time, instant messaging for immediate support, broad geographical coverage encompassing both Canada and the United States, and a range of assistance methods.

Contact our specialists now to learn more about how we can help you!

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