Why per incident technical support could benefit your small business

Running a small business is fraught with challenges. You have a team of employees to oversee, results to drive, goals to achieve, and problems to solve.

And some of the most difficult issues to remedy involve technology.

When the hardware and software your small business depends on every day stop working as they should, the fallout can be severe. That’s why good technical support is so important.

But if you’re worried about the impact it could make on your budget, rest assured: working with a professional technical support provider doesn’t have to be expensive. And one of the most cost-effective options available is per incident technical support.

What is per incident technical support?

Per incident technical support is a one-off service available to businesses experiencing a wide variety of technological issues, such as:

  • access problems
  • installation difficulties
  • network troubles
  • security concerns

Any of these (and numerous other) incidents would warrant calling the professionals for help.

The process is simple: you reach out to a support provider when an issue occurs, and they diagnose the problem as soon as possible.

In most cases, the support team will have a range of resolution paths to help get your operations back on track. In others, a little more research may be required to identify the cause and a solution.

How can per incident technical support benefit you?

Receive reliable technical support without being tied into contracts

The chief benefit of per incident technical support is that you can access expert assistance from an external team WITHOUT being tied into fixed contracts.

It’s not a permanent agreement. There are no ongoing payments — you only pay for what you use.

You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re not paying for assistance day after day, week after week, when it might seem unnecessary. Per incident technical support helps you save money in the long run, but still bolsters your small business with professional support when it matters most.

That frees up funds you can invest into other areas of your company, such as upgrading equipment or hiring new staff.

Save time and resources

Per incident technical support directly connects you to experts with a wealth of IT knowledge and experience. They’re just a phone call or message away in an emergency — and that means you can save time by not trying to solve problems yourself.

You don’t need to spend hours scouring the internet in search of answers to baffling questions. You don’t need to pull your in-house technicians away from their core duties and ask them to fix a complex issue they have no idea how to solve.

Both options are a waste of time and resources when you can speak to an expert within a matter of minutes.

Dedicated technical support teams have cutting-edge technologies and tools at their disposal, empowering them to resolve a plethora of IT problems. Leave the hard work to them, so that you and your team can focus on your priorities.

Improve employee productivity by solving issues fast

Maximizing employee productivity is a common goal for business owners. You want to empower and motivate your team to work at their best, but technical issues can cause serious productivity problems.

If your hardware or software continually fails to perform as expected, it’s sure to have a serious impact on your employees’ work. Trying to solve IT problems yourself may prove ineffective, and your employee productivity will decline further.

For one thing, they’ll have to keep stopping and may have no other tasks to complete while the issue is fixed. For another, they may become frustrated by the low-quality equipment imposed upon them. And that means they’ll be less likely to give maximum effort.

But with per incident technical support, you can solve issues faster with a one-off service. Contact the team as soon as you notice a problem, and they’ll strive to fix it for you quickly.

This will reduce the amount of time your employees are unable to access the systems or tools needed to complete core tasks.

Reduce downtime for clients and end users

Your clients and end users expect your products/services to function properly. They want value for money. They want to know that you recognize their value and care about the quality of their experience.

But if you leave technical issues to get worse or try to cover them up, your products or services could disappoint your audience.

And if your systems go down and become inaccessible, clients and end users will expect a solution — fast.

There’s a real danger that downtime could chase your audience away to a more reliable competitor. Buyers have a world of options at their fingertips, and they’ll find a wealth of alternatives to your business within seconds.

So many brands compete on customer experience today, and small businesses need to establish a loyal audience to achieve (and maintain) success. By committing to minimal downtime, you can deliver a better experience for clients and end users.

A per incident technical support service will diagnose almost any IT problem affecting your business, and have clear resolution paths to fix the issue. You can focus on reaching out to clients to apologize for any inconvenience caused while the experts get your systems back on track.

The happier your clients and end users are with your service, the happier they’ll be to recommend your small business to others. Loyal customers may be willing to write positive reviews for you after a good experience, adding further credibility to your business.

And they’ll also bring your company to wider attention if they recommend you on their social media channels.

Per incident technical support is a simple, effective, and fast way to resolve tech issues. You won’t be tied into a long-term contract, and you’ll only pay for what you use.

GenX guarantees a 30-minute response time on issues submitted. Our specialist team offers the most efficient diagnostic services and resolution paths, ideal for small businesses in any niche.

Contact our team to get started now!

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