8 Business Benefits of Switching to VoIP

While businesses leverage email, live chat, social media, and video conferencing to communicate, voice calls are still crucial.

But outdated phone systems can cause problems.

Poor audio quality. Weak connections. Costly maintenance. All of these and other common issues can all disrupt your business communications.

And this could lead to serious disruptions that affect productivity, deliveries, customer experience, and more.

That’s why more and more companies are turning to the latest VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. It’s a fantastic alternative to outmoded options, and complements other cutting-edge solutions (e.g. cloud storage) brilliantly.

How? Here are eight key business benefits of switching to VoIP:

Boost employee productivity

VoIP’s high-quality performance enables employees to reach colleagues and customers more reliably.

For example, you can configure your VoIP setup to divert calls to various devices and reduce your risk of missing critical calls. How many times have you been too afraid to leave your desk because a key acquaintance or client has your office number only?

That’s not an issue with VoIP: contacts can reach you wherever you are.

You can also set up voicemail or direct calls to another line if you’re on vacation. Relax and enjoy your free time without the stress of fielding calls you really don’t want to take.

Installation and operation is simple for any team

VoIP systems are simple to set up, with clear instructions that anyone can follow.

Employees can learn how to use the new VoIP system easily, no matter how non-technical they are. You don’t need to bring in experts to train your team or worry about VoIP disrupting productivity.

It’s straightforward to add new users to the system when you expand your workforce, too.

Reduce costs

Installing traditional phone systems and lines can be expensive. If you run into any problems, quick fixes and ongoing maintenance all add up too.

That’s not to mention the month-to-month local and long-distance charges you need to consider. Especially if you deal with a lot of international clients or suppliers. Calling Europe, Asia, or any other distant country regularly will push your expenses higher and higher.

But with VoIP telephony, companies just like yours can see a substantial reduction in costs.

Research shows that businesses can save as much as:

  • 90 percent on international calls
  • 75 percent on operational costs
  • 40 percent on bills for local calls
  • 30 percent on phone bills overall

We’re sure you could find plenty of ways to put the money saved to good use. Expanding the office, upgrading computers — the list goes on and on.

Communicate more effectively

VoIP telephony keeps your team connected no matter where they are. That’s vital when so many of us work remotely, whether for social distancing or convenience.

You can reach employees at various points around the office, their home, or in any location worldwide. You can set your VoIP system up to try multiple lines if your first attempt gets no response.

For instance, you might configure it to call a desk phone, followed by a smartphone, and even a tablet. It’s so simple. It’s so convenient.

And it’s so beneficial for today’s scattered workforces.

Make conferencing easier

Conferencing can bring employees, clients, suppliers, and any other key contacts together in one space. But depending on standard phone systems may leave you with weak connections and high costs.

While traditional systems allow for multi-caller conferencing, you could face charges for extra service. But voIP empowers you with the tools to bring multiple people into a shared call at no extra expense. It’s a more convenient process.

Video conferencing may also be included in your VoIP telephony, for face-to-face interactions.

Scale your business, scale your VoIP

Growth can be complex and costly for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Finding bigger premises. Hiring new employees. Offering a wider range of products or services.

But one thing you won’t need to worry about is expanding your VoIP system.

This will grow along with your company easily. There’s no need to install a whole new analog system or to pay the high rates that might come with it. You will just boost your capacity and add any necessary equipment.

This brings valuable peace of mind when putting your growth strategy into place.

Integrate VoIP with other business systems

VoIP telephony allows for fast, easy integration with other technologies/tools that streamline your operations. Employees will be able to increase their efficiency and productivity, as we mentioned above.

This means you can take advantage of VoIP without modifying your current IT infrastructure. For example, you can integrate your VoIP telephony system with your CRM to improve your data-collection.

Again, simple integration ensures your VoIP system is easy to install and get to grips with.

Take advantage of disaster recovery

Disaster recovery is a major advantage of switching to cloud-based services. Keeping your files and sensitive data stored in a secure online space helps to keep them safe. And you can access them all in the event of a hardware failure or disaster hitting your business (such as a fire in the office).

VoIP telephony brings disaster recovery to your communications too.

You can keep interacting with employees, customers, and suppliers if your workplace becomes unusable. All your contact information will be available too.

That wouldn’t be the case with traditional phone systems.

As a result, you can keep your business communications efficient and your responses fast — even if your office is unusable.

It’s clear that embracing VoIP systems can bring your business real benefits.

They’re easy to install and configure. You’ll be able to maintain reliable communication with internal and external contacts. And you know you’ll retain access to your system wherever you have an internet connection.

But one of the biggest benefits is cutting costs.

Avoid the expense of maintaining or replacing a traditional phone system. Take advantage of the latest VoIP telephony services and save money to channel elsewhere.

GenX can design and implement the right state-of-the-art telephony systems for your business. We’ll evaluate your current setup and develop the best solution for your goals.

Want to learn more or set your VoIP up? Contact GenX now!

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